COVID-19 Protocols

Circuit Playhouse, Inc. as of April 28, 2022
Circuit Playhouse, Inc. is abiding by recommendations from The Shelby County Health Department, CDC, and other local medical professionals regarding safe workplaces with input from AEA, SDC, and USA.


All Employees/Contract Labor/Volunteers (actors, technicians, teachers, musicians, ushers, etc.) are required to be fully vaccinated. If anyone is not currently vaccinated, please arrange a meeting with Michael Detroit or Whitney Jo.


Circuit Playhouse, Inc. is currently PCR testing every Tuesday morning from 9:30-10:15am in the Café. It is recommended that everyone come and take the test weekly.

Rapid Testing

Rapid tests are reserved for those who have already tested “positive” on a PCR test and have completed their 5-day quarantine.
We recommend that you keep Rapid tests on hand for your personal use.


Is now optional at all Circuit Playhouse, Inc. facilities. All Employees/Contract Labor/Volunteers/Patrons are asked to wear masks when there are young children in the immediate area.


There is no requirement to quarantine if you have been exposed to someone who has tested “positive” on a PCR test unless you have symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, night sweats, congestion, and runny nose. If you have been exposed, always wear your mask and social distance. We will not provide additional testing for you other than what is outlined above.

Testing “Positive”

If you test “positive” through a PCR test, you are to quarantine for 5 days from the date of the test collection.
  • Example: If your test was on January 4, count 5 days, and if you are symptom free, you can return to work on January 9.
  • If you go to one of the PCR testing locations throughout the city and get a new PCR test and it comes back “negative,” you can return to work within the 5-day period with a copy of that negative test result. Rapid tests are not accepted for early release from quarantine.
Please remember you have options. If you feel the need to get tested outside of the Circuit Playhouse, Inc. testing times, here is a link to testing sites throughout Memphis:
Also remember to stock-up on Rapid tests. That way you can test when you want to ease your mind.
Wear Your Mask. Social Distance. Wash Your Hands. Remind Others to Be Safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Whitney Jo, Mike, or Phillip. Stay safe and stay optimistic!!